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October 2022

Branding Mistakes to Avoid

HUGUES JOUBLIN – Branding Mistakes to Avoid

It’s easy to make branding mistakes. Sometimes, it feels like you’re working with one hand tied behind your back. Especially when you’re starting from scratch. But there are some basics that everyone should follow to make sure their branding is on point. Here are the four most common ones to avoid, as put together by Hugues Joublin. Hugues Joublin’s Guide on Branding Mistakes to Avoid Not Having a Well-Defined Strategy One of the biggest branding mistakes a business can make is not having a well-defined brand strategy. Your brand is more than just your logo or tagline—it’s people’s overall perception of your business. It’s how you communicate with your customers and how they experience your products or services. Hugues Joublin believes your branding efforts will be scattered and ineffective without a clear brand strategy. Instead, take the time to define your brand identity and values. What makes you unique? What do you want people to think of when they hear your name? Once you have a strong foundation, you can start to build a cohesive branding strategy that will help you reach your business goals. Having a Cheap Branding Identity A brand identity is the visual aspects of a brand that identify and differentiate it from other brands. It includes elements such as the logo, color palette, typography, and packaging design. A cheap brand identity… Read More »HUGUES JOUBLIN – Branding Mistakes to Avoid