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June 2023

Emotional Intelligence

Unmasking the Power of Emotional Intelligence in Public Relations

In an era characterized by rapidly evolving communication channels and an increasingly discerning audience, public relations (PR) professionals find themselves navigating a landscape that demands more than just technical prowess and strategic acumen. It calls for a deep understanding of the human element, a skill that rests on the bedrock of emotional intelligence (EI). This article embarks on a journey to unmask the power of emotional intelligence in the realm of public relations and reveal how it intertwines with the art and science of communication. We’ll delve into what emotional intelligence means, its intrinsic link to PR, and how it shapes and steers the outcomes of PR campaigns. Decoding Emotional Intelligence Emotional intelligence, a term coined by psychologists Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer, and popularized by psychologist and author Daniel Goleman, refers to the ability to identify, understand, and manage one’s own emotions while also being aware of and influencing the emotions of others. This multifaceted ability is underpinned by five key components: Self-Awareness: The ability to recognize and understand one’s emotions and their effect on others. In the context of PR, self-awareness enables professionals to be conscious of their emotional state and understand how it may influence their communication and decision-making. Self-Regulation: The capacity to manage one’s emotions, adapting and responding to various situations in a controlled and composed manner. For PR professionals,… Read More »Unmasking the Power of Emotional Intelligence in Public Relations