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Hugues Joublin Explains How Digital Media Management Trumps All

How Digital Media Management Trumps All

A digital presence has become more crucial for brands to develop and flourish as the majority of your potential customers spend a large portion of their day online. Digital media, when used effectively, may expand your consumer base and rapidly promote awareness of your brand within your target market. Hugues Joublin of Joublin Consulting states that this is specifically the role of a digital media manager.

Hugues Joublin Sheds Light on Digital Media Management as a Profession

The development, implementation, and management of an organization’s online marketing and advertising initiatives fall under the purview of the digital media manager. They are in charge of advertising the business or brand via all digital platforms, such as but not limited to social media, email, blogs, and websites.

What Does a Digital Media Manager Do?

Depending on the size of the organization that a digital media manager works for, their roles and duties change. However, in general, their responsibilities can be divided into four groups: strategic planning, content development, campaign management, and analysis and reporting, Hugues Joublin notes.

The very first best practice is to align your digital media strategy with your company/brand goals and business objectives. This means defining your target audience, your strategic channels to reach them out and the key themes you may want to illustrate.

The task of a digital media manager includes a significant amount of content creation that will appeal to their target audience. This could entail producing anything from infographics and videos to blog pieces and social media updates.

Once the material has been produced, it is the responsibility of the digital media manager to ensure that it is seen by the appropriate audience at the appropriate time. This entails controlling and keeping an eye on every area of the campaign, including the budget, timetable, target market, and goals.

Furthermore, tracking different metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is crucial for determining the success of a digital marketing strategy. This research must be done, and a digital media manager must then submit the results to their superiors.

What Qualifications Must a Digital Media Manager Possess per Hugues Joublin?

Hugues Joublin states that a combination of hard and soft abilities is necessary for success as a digital media manager.

They should be well-versed in all things digital, such as social networking platforms, Google Analytics, marketing automation software, and content management systems, in terms of hard skills (CMS). Additionally, they must be adept at using Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office Suite.

A digital media manager needs to be an effective communicator, both vocally and in writing. They ought to be exceptionally organized, imaginative, and proactive. They must also be able to operate well under pressure and meet deadlines.

The Benefits of Adopting Digital Media Management as a Profession

The benefits of becoming a digital media manager are numerous. To begin with, the position is quite gratifying on both a professional and personal level. It is tremendously fulfilling and inspiring to see the fruits of your work personally. It’s a position that also provides a lot of freedom and flexibility. Last but not least, it provides chances to collaborate with a variety of people from various backgrounds.


According to Hugues Joublin, those who have an interest in technology and are searching for a demanding yet fulfilling career should think about entering the field of digital media marketing. It is a developing industry with great possibilities for newcomers.